Mixed Feelings: Gaming 2020

Resident Evil 3 (Remake)

The remake of Resident Evil 2 was my favourite game last year. It wasn't perfect and yet it had a je ne sais quoi that enamoured me. Followed by another great game as Devil May Cry 5, it seemed as if Capcom was redeeming itself in the eyes of the gamer community.

Expectations for a remake of Resident Evil 3 were afoot...

... and we got a disappointing game. Not terrible, just lazy.

I never got to play the original Resident Evils, and I was looking forward to finally play this and see why people liked it so much. Unfortunately, this remake saw the story being simplified and streamlined. Sections were omitted and overall the game resulted in a much more linear experience.

While it does have some improvements over REmake 2 and even new features (e.g. dodging), the gameplay was overall the same. And, much like others, I felt as if Nemesis was a lesser version of Mr. X.

One funny (and sad) anecdote was the time when I intentionally left my grenade launcher out of my inventory and saw it being used in one of the cutscenes. I'm sure that might have been the case with REmake 2 as well, but the fact that I saw it happen in this one made it stand out even more.

In terms of the visuals and whatnot, I am still not too keen on the new design for Jill (or Leon, for that matter) but I think it is overall OK. The voice and animations were also nice and the places felt real.

I'd just have love to see more content. Maybe the time they spent developing the unsuccessful multiplayer game, Resistance, could have been put to a better use.

Pokémon Sword: Isle of Armor & Crown Tundra DLC

I feel emotionally kidnapped by the Pokémon Company.

While both DLC introduce a bunch of old Pokémon back into the latest generation and expand upon the biggest idea of Sword & Shield (i.e. the "open-world"), one does continue to ask why do we keep giving them our money.

Overall, after the first hours of wonder that these DLC bring, the stale design of the franchise resurfaces.

I can only hope they give the franchise the same respect they do with Zelda and Mario, instead of just milking it and min-maxing the costs/benefits.

Final Fantasy 7: Remake

Same as with Resident Evil, I never got to play the Final Fantasy franchise when I was a kid. My closest link to it was having watched the Final Fantasy 7 film, Advent Children (which I loved at the time), and playing a few hours of Final Fantasy 13 (probably one of the worst points of entrance to the franchise).

My disappointment with this game started before its release, when they announced that it'd be chopped into several games. The second disappointment came when it was revealed that the game would deviate from the original story. I wanted to play the original famous story, not something new and potentially bad.

I had a hard time swallowing this game. It has so many nice things and yet, it kept me rolling my eyes and making me anxious to finally finish it.

Combat-wise, I didn't like the difficulty spikes that plagued the world here and there. Enemies are damage sponges, so attacks feel inconsequential. It was such my discontent that I switched to Easy mode at some point, just to save some hours and finish it earlier. It didn't help that I did all side quests.

The game is a mixed bag. Player character designs are great, and I really loved their animations, expressiveness and voice acting. Yet, most NPCs were dull and some of them even looked as if they were from a completely different and graphically inferior game.

I'm also not happy with how the story diverged from the original. I really have no expectations for its sequel.

The worst part? Sony just made it one of the free PS Plus games. I could have played this for free.

Catherine: Full Body

This is perhaps one of the games I had been wanting to play the most since I got my PS4. I really, really love its character design.

So far, I haven't finished the game. The non-visual-novel gameplay was unappealing and often frustrated me. An even in easy mode, I couldn't bring myself to finish it. Maybe one day I'll pick it back.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I was actually surprised to have been hooked by Animal Crossing; it isn't my cup of tea.

Yet, as many others, I got into it right near the start of the first global quarantine of 2020. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy it; more than once I got early just to play it and unlock new things on my island.

Despite having experience the joys it brought, at some point I started to grow tired of it and gradually stopped playing it. The gameplay is quite repetitive and shallow and sooner than later, you start exploiting the economy thanks to its turnip mechanic.

This game decreased my tolerance for Nintendo games. They are engaging but most leave me to wonder the kind of games they could be making if they weren't so stubborn and narrow-minded, always trying to play it safe.

Luigi's Mansion 3

This was my first entry to the franchise. I think it's just OK.

The game is filled with nice details here and there. Nonetheless, it has the same problem as Animal Crossing and Pokémon: I just wished they could have gone the extra mile.

I overall enjoyed its gameplay and humour.

On the other hand, I disliked how the game is so bare-bones. By the way, collectables in the game are a pain to find and serve no practical purpose, what's the point of them?

Beyond: Two Souls

My least favourite Quantic Dream so far.

I enjoyed the ghost mechanic and some story beats. However, the plot just gets nonsensical and laughable. I don't know what else to say about it, probably that shows how average this game was for me.

Fall Guys

Played this a handful of times only. I can see its appeal, but I found a way better quarantine game in Among Us.

I think what I disliked the most out of it was the fact that it was a physics-game that relied on pretty bad physics. When you have to fight against the game itself in order to play, the fun runs out pretty quickly.

The fact that it didn't hook me up and didn't trigger my interest to even try to replay it, make it worthy of being in this list. I don't hate the game, I just don't care about it.

Rocket League

What can I say, I fell off the wagon again. Surprisingly, I stopped playing this just in time and I don't really feel the need to play it again. Maybe this time will be for good.