My photography

It has been about a year and a half since I bought my first camera, and a little more than a year since I first wrote about it.

Despite being mostly house-ridden due to the pandemic, I have been able to indulge myself in this hobby when possible.

The main highlight since last time is that I bought two new lenses for my camera.

The first one is a telephoto lens (55-250 mm). The camera originally brought a kit lens (18-50 mm) that is good for everyday uses; however, I usually got frustrated about not being able to capture things that were too far away. This is my preferred lens by far, since it covers quite a long distance and it lets me focus on the details rather than the big picture (pun intended).

The second lens is a wide angle (10-18 mm). I typically take pictures of nature or the city, so my other two lenses felt too restrictive and sometimes wouldn't allow me to capture the shots as I intended.

All three lenses are basic but they allow me to find out and explore what type of photography I enjoy the most. Perhaps in the future I might invest in a better lens out of the three.

So far, the common theme of most of my photos has been nature and architecture. I am still too shy to ask people if they'd mind me taking a picture of them.

I mostly use my holiday trips as the perfect time to do some photography. Taking pictures in Paris has become more difficult, since there's a lot of people and I can't get a clear shot.

Two things have captured my attention: clouds and endless roads. There's something peaceful about them that I don't know how to describe.

I'm also biased towards colours. Seeing those vibrant hues makes the pictures come to life. Sometimes, it worries me that I might be abusing it too much.

This doesn't mean that I don't like black and white photography. Au contraire. When you strip the colours away, the focus changes towards playing with the shapes and the lights that dominate the piece. This is something that fascinates me and would like to explore more in the future.

I'd love to start delving a bit more into people and portrait photography. There's a lot of stories that can only be told when someone's in them.

Anyway, I have a 500px page with all of my published photos but here's a highlight of some of my favourite ones so far:

Majestic Winter
Broken & Forgotten
Idyllic Clouds
Montmorency Forest
Tête du Colonney
Sea of Solitude I
Endless Road in Montmorency