Pegasus, my Ghost theme

Two weeks ago, I wrote about some of the things I wanted to improve on the blog. In a turn of events, I have changed the theme before expected.

It all started last week, when I saw that Attila had been recently updated. Said theme was probably on my favourite ones when I started this blog. I decided to start with Argon, since it better represented the visuals I wanted for the blog.

However, contrary to Argon, Attila already had built-in support for searching, tag display, dark mode and a progress bar. After analysing my options, I decided to switch over to Attila. All I really enjoyed from Argon was the aesthetics and that was easier for me to port over than actual features.

And so, I forked Attila into Pegasus. It is now the current theme of the blog – at least as of the time of writing this post. The name and colour scheme are inspired by the Pegasus in Disney's Hercules.

Ghost Theme. Contribute to christianchomiak/pegasus development by creating an account on GitHub.

In a few days, I ended up with a custom theme that is extremely close to what I wanted.

The work is far from over. One big thing I'd like to further improve is the possibility of toggling the dark mode.

Currently, it is detecting the system preferences of the readers. In order to change it, it is necessary to modify the theme itself. I'd like to add a button to toggle it on demand when reading the blog.

I'm also not a 100% sure about the font I'm current using for the posts' bodies. Right now it's using the same as sans serif font as the blog title. Maybe I should make it serif instead, for readability’s sake.

As I mentioned, I'm not a web developer. I have just basic knowledge of things like CSS and JS to work my way around some customisations. Hopefully this project will allow me to learn a bit more and maybe I'll come up with more features for the blog.