Things I'd like to improve on the blog

One of the things I struggled the most when starting this blog was finding the proper visual theme.

Even though I'm liking Ghost as a platform, the theme ecosystem is pretty deserted. It was already an issue for me on WordPress but here it's tenfold.

I managed to find by luck the free theme I'm currently using, Argon, while navigating through the list of Ghost theme repositories in GitHub.

A simple publishing theme for Ghost. Contribute to TryGhost/Argon development by creating an account on GitHub.

The theme itself seems to only diverge a bit from the starter blog for development, offered by Ghost.

It's far from perfect but I feel that it fits my current vision of the blog.

According to GitHub, the repository was updated 19 days ago. Unfortunately, it looks like it was a maintenance update. As such, I'm not expecting it to be improved upon any further.

Add support for Font Awesome

The theme is currently using .svg files for a couple of social media sites and RSS. I'd like to open up the possibility of more icons using Font Awesome or something similar.

Add some Search functionality

This seems something missing from some themes in Ghost.

If possible, I'd like to add the search functionality from Liebling, another free theme.

Worst case: I might end up integrating Google Custom Search Engine (CSE), much like how it's done in Coding Horror.

Add a reading progress bar

From all of my needs, this is probably the least important. If I have it, great; otherwise, I can live without it.

Fix the mobile view

Some posts don't appear properly formatted in mobile screens. I still don't know the cause but it's a bit annoying.

Display the tags of a post

Currently, the tags are not being displayed. Ideally it needs to be possible for a normal reader to determine what categories a post belongs to.

Add an Archives page with a list of posts by category/tag

Related to the previous point. This will make navigating the blog much easier, especially for those looking for specific types of content.

I am not a web developer, so this will probably take some time.